Plug to
Creative Velocity

Get new performance ads in one-week cycles.
Enabled through Plug Creative Engine, AGC and prompting.

Platform native creatives that thrive for:

The Plug between
Creative & Growth teams

We bring harmony into your existing structures and provide you with the right creatives at the right time,  so that your in-house teams can focus on what they do best. Highest performance is achieved when Plug complements your people.

Creative is the new targeting

The time of one-use creatives is over.
With scalable, platform-native creatives, you can meet your audience where they are. When you target efficiently, you convert efficiently.
Trends and needs change at lightspeed.
The cost of creating creatives is decreasing thanks to advancements in tech. Effective targeting requires a lot of unique creatives, that get distributed on scale.

Your existing content is gold
- use it to the max

Creative velocity will make you a champion

Performance marketers powered by creative velocity and scalable ad distribution will take the lead.

Distribution Engine

Scale your ad-buying on Meta, TikTok & Snap with localised ads across all your markets.  
Managed ad-buying and campaign management saves your time by combining proprietary software and leading off-the-shelf solutions like Smartly.

Creative Engine

Target through creatives and overcome creative fatigue. Trend and historical data determining the variety and volume of the weekly fresh supply of creatives. Prompt is the input, and AGC (Avatar Generated Creatives) are the output.

Plan the future.
Perform today.